Other Industries

We love diversity… it’s more fun!

There is no research sport we haven’t practiced, because we are high performance research athletes and love to compete in every field.

Stores, malls, markets

Hotels, restaurants, clubs

Apparel, accessories, footwear, jewelry

Grooming, intimate hygiene, cosmetics, fragrances

Concerts, amusement parks, tourism 

Local, regional, national and multinational 

Universities, business schools, language schools

Chemicals, paints, construction materials, metallurgy

Power, natural gas, water

Airplanes, trains, coaches, taxis, couriers

Radio, newspapers, TV channels, movies 

Fair trade, humanitarian aid, education, minorities, poverty

Videogames, board games, advertgames, gambling

Football, basketball, tennis, car racing, horse jumping, etc.

Farmers, growers, vets