We know them better, they know us better... It's panel magic!

Our "Red Panel" (Consumers) and "Blue Panel" (Physicians) are the result of people finding for 25 years. Now that they pretty much all have internet access via their smartphone, we have invited to interact with us via our panels, our "Online Home". We work hard to make everyone an active panelist... including raffles during market research low season. Our goal is to have happy panelists, not an over-crowded panel.

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    More than 50K panelists from all over Spain. with a special emphasis on its 2 main markets: Madrid and Barcelona, where most things actually happen!

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  • Healthcare

    We are working hard to build the largest healthcare professionals database in Spain, which we will host in our “Blue Panel”. This future “online hospital” will be so diverse that it will allow researchers to get feedback from excellent healthcare professionals from all over Spain in a time-efficient manner.

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